June 18, 2024

Should I Call a Bail Bondsman or a Lawyer?

  • June 4, 2024
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Should I Call a Bail Bondsman or a Lawyer?

Deciding whether to call a bail bondsman or a lawyer after an arrest depends on your immediate needs and long-term legal strategy. Both professionals play key roles in the legal process, but they serve different purposes. With the help of a bail bondsman, you may avoid spending the night in jail. Here are factors to account for when making a decision:

Simplifying the Release Process

If your priority is to get out of jail as quickly as possible, contact a bail bondsman who is ready to work with you to pay the bail charges. Bail bond companies can provide video or telephone consultations to discuss legal charges and make plans for release. Once the bail amount is decided, the bondsman can offer the court a surety bond to secure your release. Calling a bondsman keeps the defendant out of jail before the trial hearing. You can then follow up with a lawyer to receive legal advice and help you navigate your case.

Avoiding or Leaving County Jail

After an arrest, law enforcement officers may send you to a local jail temporarily. Having a bondsman on call immediately after an arrest can lower your chances of going to county jail. Your bondsman acts promptly to post your bail for you to be released from the local jail. This way, you get more time to work with your attorney and build a case in your favor. A lawyer may visit you when in jail soon after arrest, but you might spend some time in jail as you wait for a bail review hearing. Having a bail bondsman helps you get out of jail more promptly.

Enabling Liberty

While contacting a lawyer helps you fight the charges, you may stay in jail as your case progresses. A bondsman works with the justice system to post bail and keep you out of jail during trial. You may require a lawyer to help you plead the case in court. Calling a bondsman first allows you to work with your lawyer outside of a jail meeting space. You can call the bondsman immediately after the arrest and before the commencement of any sentencing or court processes.

Building a Strong Case

Avoiding jail during the trial phase may allow you to work more closely with your attorney. You may be in a better position to help the attorney find and interpret evidence when you are out of jail. With your help, the attorney can fully understand what led to the arrest. You can work with your lawyer on the best legal options available to you, such as taking a plea deal for a reduced sentence if necessary. 

Call a Bail Bondsman Today

A bail bondsman helps get you or your loved one out of the local jail after an arrest. While the bondsman helps you shortly after arrest as you wait for trial, you may involve a lawyer when you start the court proceedings. Contact a bail bonds agency today to know more about what to do after an arrest.

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