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Student Status

Households that consist entirely of full-time students and that do not qualify for an exception are not eligible to live at Alaska House. The following is a brief summary of the current regulations about student status.

A “full-time student” is defined as one who is enrolled in an educational institution for some part of five calendar months during the calendar year for the number of hours or courses, which is considered to be a full-time attendance. The five calendar months need not be consecutive. The determination of full-time or part–time status is based on the criteria used by the educational institution the student is attending.

Some exceptions do apply. Please note that the following is a very brief summary of the exceptions.
  • Households consisting of full-time students may qualify if:
    • Students are married and entitled to file a joint federal income tax return; or

    • The household consists of an independent single parent and his/her children, all of whom are not dependents of a third party other than the absent parent; or

    • At least one household member receives welfare assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act (AFDC/TANF); or

    • At least one household member is enrolled in and receiving assistance under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA – formerly the Job Training Partnership Act) or other similar programs operating under Federal, State or local laws; or

    • At least one household member previously received Foster Care Assistance under part B or E of Title IV of the Social Security Act (H.R. 3221, effective 07/30/08 forward).   

At no time during the lease or any extension thereof, may the unit be occupied entirely by full-time students who are not otherwise exempt. If a household qualified at move-in but later became comprised entirely of full-time students (not meeting one of the exemptions), the household would no longer be qualified to occupy the unit.