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Keroppi: A Lucky Sanrio Frog

  • February 24, 2024
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Keroppi: A Lucky Sanrio Frog

One of the best memories that is often left in our memory lane is our favourite cartoon characters. On the other, these cartoons play a vital role in determining a child’s behaviour and psyche at such age, that he/she thinks, behaves and acts in the same way that what he/she watches. According to research, these cartoons also pave the way for critical analysis and reasoning skills among children. They are exposed to the newer environment, which they have not experienced. Keroppi is one such adorable cartoon character made by Sanrio. Keroppi is a frog creature who wears a green hat with a red star on it.

How Does Keroppi Look?

Keroppi is a cute little cartoon character, with a green body and big eyes, he has a V-shaped smile and is mostly seen with a pink blush on his cheeks. Keroppi is mainly seen wearing coloured strips of clothes with bows attached to them. The shape of his eyes and mouth changes according to his facial expressions. He always found playing and enjoying himself with his friends in the Donut Pond (A fictional town).

Where Is Keroppi Belong?

Keroppi was created by Sanrio in 1988, It is the same company which formed characters like Hello Kitty. Keroopi is one of the characters in Keroppi Town. His full name is Keroppi Hasunoue. He lives in Donut Pond, with his father Keroppa, and his mother. Keroppi is one of the triplets, he has one sister (Pikki) and the youngest among the triplets is his brother (Koroppi).  

Keroppi On Screen

Being the cute cartoon character, Keroppi has appeared many times on TV and big screen along with his friends and family characters. ‘Hello Kitty And Friends Supercute Adventures’ is the series where Keroppi is seen with his friends doing fun adventures. Another series was ‘Sanrio Characters Fantasy Theater’ where other Sanrio characters were featured in different tales along with Keroppi. Another important project of Keroppi was a movie named ‘Keroppi & Friends: The Movie’ which showcased the story of Keroppi and his friends saving their town from a greedy businessman.

Why Was Keroppi Chosen As Frog?

Among animals, frog carries distinct characteristics that can live on both land and water. In terms of appearance, it has big eyes and large legs with croaking sound. The history of cartoons also shows that the animals who are chosen to be cartoon characters are visibly attracted, like the octopus, bear, mouse, etc.

Keroppi & Sanrio’s Business

Sanrio is a well-to-do company in Japan that earns revenue through multiple sources by showcasing cartoon characters like Keroppi in theme-based parks and merchandise. As Keroppi is th popular among the audience, merchandise based on him collects huge money in the form of clothing, showpieces, decorative items, accessories etc. The stationary item of children has also been largely influenced by Keroppi.  

He is the favourite not only of the audience but of the media too, various web series, videos and movies based on Keroppi gathered huge popularity and also earned good business for Sanrio across the world.

Keroppi In Theme Park

Japan also has theme parks in Tama City, Tokyo that have Sanrio characters like Keroppi and Sanrio Puroland where children and fans can interact and have real-time experiences. Apart from this, Sanrio also organises time-to-time events, where children play and involve with Keroppi and other Sanrio characters. These events and theme parks are another source of income for Sanrio.

Keroppi Representing Japanese Culture

Japanese culture is beautiful, whether it is Japanese cuisine or wearables, it has expanded to countries across the globe. Cartoon characters are a significant way to represent and promote a culture. Keroppi himself is a frog, which has prominence in Japanese culture as it is considered the symbol of luck and fortune. Japan also comprises a sub-culture that adores cute things and considers them aesthetic, which is called Kawaii Culture; Keroppi belongs to Kawaii culture.

Japanese culture has also a close association with nature, they worship it and involve it in their daily lifestyle, and Keroppi is always seen in an outdoor environment where he is surrounded by ponds, trees, animals and birds which also extends children’s awareness about nature.

Keroppi Influencing Children

Like every other cartoon creature, Keroppi and his friends’ group also leave important footprints on children’s minds. The kind of friendship that has been shown in the Keroppi movies and web series sets an exemplary bond and teaches the children about the importance of such relationships in life.

Also, the storyline of Keroppi’s movies is mainly about facing life problems and finding a solution to them, which also trains the children about the resilient approach.



The Japanese cartoon character, Keroppi, is inducing business, promoting Japanese culture, giving joyous time to the children along with teaching them life lessons. Keroppi must be the lucky frog for the Sanrio and friendly creature for the children, which need to come more often on the screen.

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