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How to send snap with cartoon lens on Snapchat

  • December 21, 2023
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How to send snap with cartoon lens on Snapchat

Most views and interests go to photos with cartoon characters and lenses. If you’re considering trying them, start here. This article will show you how to send a snap with the cartoon face lens on your iPhone or Android.

What is Snapchat’s cartoon Lense?

Cartoon lenses have gone viral and sparked social media frenzy. You can turn your photos or videos into cartoons by following this trend. 

Accessing and using the Snapchat cartoon lens is simple:

Start by opening Snapchat on your phone.

  1. Second, look for the search icon below the shutter button on the camera.
  2. Third, search “Cartoon Face,” “Cartoon,” or “Cartoon 3D Style” to choose a lens.
  3. Open Cartoon, Cartoon 3D Style, or Cartoon Face in step four.
  4. Tap the heart icon (or Favorites icon) at the bottom of the screen to save the lens.
  5. Use the front- or rear-facing camera to watch your subject become a cartoon character.
  6. Access your phone’s gallery using the camera roll button. This lets you test the lens with your phone’s media. The lens can only focus on one if the frame has two or more subjects.
  7. Personalize the snap using the suitable options. Change your eye and eyebrow shapes, and add text, stickers, and music to the snap.
  8. Click the yellow arrow to share your photo with contacts, add it to your story, or save it to your camera roll.

Most Popular Snapchat’s cartoon lens 

Snapchat has many fun filters, but three cartoon lenses are going viral worldwide. Examine them carefully:

CR Face Lens

  • The Cartoon Face Lens, released in August 2020, turns anyone into a cute cartoon character. We’ll use huge eye and eyebrow props to make the subjects appear from an animated film.
  • The Cartoon Face lens lets you look like Disney characters.

Cartoon Lens

  • The Cartoon Lens is an upgraded Cartoon Face Lens that uses machine learning to give the subject a Disney-style character expression across their face.
  • Millennials love this lens for its lifelike appearance and accurate cartoon character expressions.

3D Cartoon Lens

  • The Cartoon 3D Style Lens’ Pixar-like transformation made it a hit after its June 2021 release.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and this lens’ incredible tracking let you experience being a cartoon character with big ears. Couples love this lens because it changes gender.

Kid Cartooned Lens

  • As its name implies, this Snapchat lens de-ages your face to look like a child’s while retaining your skin tone and features.
  • The Cartoon Kid Lens can recognize and mimic facial expressions even when the subject’s head moves fast.


  • The Snapchat CARTOON FACE Lens flattens and emoji-sizes your face. These traits include a mouth, eyes, and eyebrows.
  • With this lens, you can avoid showing too much of your face in Snaps. Look no further for a specific search.

Sparkling Cartoon Style Lens 

  • The Sparkling Cartoon Style Lens only shines the face. It tweaks the Cartoon 3D Style Lens.
  • Due to its focus on glitter animations, this lens is better for video than still photography, despite its high quality.

Anime Lens

  • Anyone looking for something visually appealing and animated will notice this Snapchat lens. This perspective is hard to avoid, even though linking anime and cartoons is inappropriate.
  • Use the Anime Style Lens to turn yourself into an anime avatar for a photo to show off to your manga and anime fans.


This article provides a detailed tutorial on Snapchat’s cartoon lenses to capitalize on the trend’s popularity. The detailed instructions make it easy for readers to create cute cartoon characters from their photos and videos. Popular Snapchat lenses like Cartoon 3D Style, Cartoon Lens, and Cartoon Face demonstrate its dynamic and engaging nature. 

Anime Style Lens, sparkles, and de-aging effects are among the many options for user preferences. The article’s main point is that Snapchat’s cartoon lenses add imagination and entertainment to social media while creating visually appealing and entertaining content.

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