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Snapchat Planets: Solar system of Social Media.

  • February 21, 2024
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Snapchat Planets: Solar system of Social Media.

Hey there, what are you doing? Making snaps right I know that. Nowadays there are many social media platforms that everyone is using. Now going to the history of social media. It popularly started with Facebook. Facebook adds a lot of people to it across the world. After that WhatsApp launched which gave some more features to the users. Moving ahead to the Instagram. It blows everyone’s mind with its upgrading features. Then comes the Snapchat. Nowadays Snapchat is one of the most used social media platforms. People are making streaks on it which makes it more usable. I mean whether it’s a special moment or a normal one people are capturing on Snapchat. Now there is a thing known as Snapchat planets. So today we will discuss about Snapchat planets and various things regarding Snapchat. So to get all the information regarding this stay connected with the article.

About Snapchat Planets

As I said it is one of the most popular social media platforms in this generation. Snapchat never fails to upgrade its features. It is a full feature-packed platform along with a messaging service. There is also a paid version of Snapchat which allows you to change the app’s icon. You can also view who rewatched your story. Now Snapchat has launched a new feature called Snapchat Friend Solar System, which allots a planet to your close friends. So now we will proceed to more information regarding Snapchat Planets, their sequence, and much more.

Let me tell you first that you can only access Snapchat Planets if you are a Snapchat Plus user. It is almost as same as our original solar system. Like in our solar system, every planet is at a distance and all of them revolve around the sun. So in Snapchat Planets, you are the sun of your Friend’s solar system.

If I explain a bit more then the first planet on the list is mercury which means the person with whom you share the maximum number of streaks. The same way it continues for the next eight best friends. On Snapchat, the order of planets is the same as our solar system. Mercury refers to the closest friend. Venus means the second closest friend and it continues till Neptune which means your 8th best friend.


In the solar system, the first planet is Mercury and in Snapchat also the first one is Mercury. Mercury refers to the friend who is closest to you. The icon of mercury is a red planet with four to five red hearts around it.


As like as solar system Venus is the second planet on Snapchat, it refers to the second closest friend of the user. The icon of the Venus is a light brown colored planet with yellow pink, and blue hearts moving around it.


Now we all know if some of you don’t then I tell you that the third planet in the solar system is Earth where you live, you should know about this. So the third planet on Snapchat is also Earth. The icon of the earth is the same as its real color with a moon, stars, and red hearts around it.


Mars means the 4th closest friend on Snapchat and it is also the fourth planet in the original system. The icon of Mars is a red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts around their friend’s avatar.


Now same goes with Jupiter in the solar system and in Snapchat it is the fifth planet. It refers to your 5th closest friend on Snapchat. The icon of Jupiter is a reddish-orange planet with dark orange strips and stars moving around it.


Similar to our solar system Saturn is the 6th planet on Snapchat. It refers to the user’s sixth closest friend. Its icon is an orange planet with a ring and stars.


Now Uranus is the 7th closest friend on Snapchat and the 7th planet on the solar system. Its icon is a green planet with no hearts.


Neptune is the last and the eighth planet in the solar system and on Snapchat also. The icon is no love or life on this blue planet.


There are badges on Snapchat that tell the friendship position on the Friend solar system. Moreover, to make it more attractive the position of the friends is shown in the form of planets. All of the friends have different positions on the friend list.

Snapchat Planets
Snapchat Planets


Lastly, I want to say that with the time it will increase more features to it. Even another more feature-packed application can come in the future. But for this generation especially Gen Z. As I said above there are a lot of social media platforms. Just use it in a limit. Don’t waste much time. To elaborate, the first planet on the list is Mercury, which denotes the person you have the most amount of streaks with. For the remaining eight best buddies, it goes in the same manner. The planets’ positions on SnapChat mirror those of our solar system. Mercury speaks about the nearest companion. Venus denotes your second closest friend, and so on up to Neptune, your eighth best friend. Social media is a place where you can go and use your time or waste your time.

It is an addictive place and once you are used to it, you will not be able to get away from it. I hope you got all the details and facts about the Snapchat Planets. Thank you for reading the article till the end.

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