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Where to Play Slot Machines for Fun?

  • April 29, 2024
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Where to Play Slot Machines for Fun?

Slot machines are the most popular games you can find at online casinos. That’s probably why there are so many of them. They are straightforward games which give players the chance to win small fortunes from time to time. But there’s more to casino slots than just wins. Many people play them for fun.

Slot machines are not for everyone. A lot depends on your taste in games. But if you want to give slots a try, here are a few tips on how to choose one that will distract you.

Forget Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are among the oldest slot machine genres you can find. They are simple, they usually have high volatility, and they can pay out decent amounts – if you are lucky. But they are boring.

Fruit machines are a product of different times, and the land-based casino culture. They do have a devout player base at the casinos of Las Vegas. But their players are mostly people hoping to win. But they are not very entertaining. They may have a few flashy features, like bonus ladders and such, but that’s not enough for them to be fun. Not when there’s no real money involved.

Fun Slots Thrive Online

Deploying a slot machine in a land-based casino involves logistics – you need space, you need chairs, lighting, and so on. Online, in turn, these restrictions don’t exist. And neither do constraints on how it should look like and what the cabinet it’s mounted in permits. Online slots can be as simple or as elaborate and complex as the developer wants them to be. 

This gives online slots a huge potential for entertainment. They can offer players things that no land-based slot machine can. Take Microgaming’s successful Castle Builder II slot, for example. It has a story, it gives you a goal, and it has levels, power-ups, upgrades, and characters you can unlock. You will not find anything remotely similar in a land-based casino – and nothing like this will ever be part of a gruit machine.

Social vs. Real Money Casinos

If you want to play slot machines for fun, you have two options: social casinos and real-money casinos. The services offered by these two are similar, but each of them has its respective pros and cons.

Social Casinos

Social casinos are widely available, with pretty much no restrictions. They are not real money casinos, so they need no license, no regulation, nothing of the like. They give you a bunch of free coins each day that you can spend on their various games. Plus, they are serious about gamification, giving players experience points, leaderboards, power-ups to unlock and bonuses to claim.

Their downside is their game variety. Social casinos might have a few hundred slot machines and other games in their library but this is nowhere near the real thing.

Real-money Casinos

Real-money casinos are subject to a lot of regulations and need a license to function in different countries. Most of them allow players to try their games in demo mode, but usually for a limited time. And they don’t have the leaderboards or progress of social casinos – there, you play for the sake of playing.

Their game variety can, in turn, be amazing. Today, online casinos with only a few hundred games are a rarity. Most of them have thousands of games from dozens of high-profile developers, covering every possible theme, format, and variant you can imagine.

So, Where Should I Play Slot Machines For Fun?

It depends on how passionate you are about slot machines. For a casual game, social casinos are a great choice. But if you are constantly looking for something new, and you’re not contempt with the limited library of a social app, check out real money casinos. And before you worry about spending – relax, you can play all of their games without spending a cent!

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