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72 Sold 72 Sold Reviews – Sell Houses At a Higher Price!

  • June 10, 2024
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72 Sold 72 Sold Reviews – Sell Houses At a Higher Price!

72 sold 72 sold reviews: Buying and selling houses in a short period of time is not possible. Or is it? 72Sold claims to sell your house within a period of 8 days. Yes, just 8 days. Not only this, it also gets you a higher price than you are asking for! Moreover, for selling houses, there are many company that can help you out. And even they can sell your house in a lesser time. However, they usually sit the houses in a lower price due to shortage of time. But 72Sold provides the opposite. Therefore, a lot many people have sold their houses through this company. The promises that the company makes sounds good.

But, in today’s time, where there are so many frauds and lies, how can we trust? How do we get to know that the company provides what it says? One important thing that you should check before trusting them is customer reviews. Thus, this article is about 72 sold 72 sold reviews. It is important to check if other users have got the service they asked for. Reviews often save us from getting trapped. Therefore, through this article you can learn if this company can be trusted.

About 72Sold ( 72 sold 72 sold reviews )

This real estate company was founded in 2018 by Greg Hague. Moreover, the headquarters of this company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This company has gained a huge popularity since its opening because of the promises it makes. The company sells its service through promising to sell the houses within 8 days. Additionally, it also promises to get you a higher price than your ask. No company makes such claims because they often sell house for a power price when the time is less. The urgency of selling gets them a lower price. However, this company’s strategies creates demand from possible buyers. This is the reason why people look forward to selling their houses through this real estate broker. Based on company’s claims, the houses are sold in 7.8% high price than other companies.

The company charges around 6% of the selling price. And this is in addition to the benefits. Because local brokers also charge approximately the same percent. However, despite of charging 6%, they do not provide benefits that 72sold provides. So basically, you are paying the same, but getting more. But the question is – Is it true? Does this company really gets you a higher price in 8 days? We will discuss the reviews. But, before that let us understand how this company actually works.

How Does the Company Work ( 72 sold 72 sold reviews)

The process is basically similar to that when you sell a house through a local broker. Thus, there are no additional complications. After listing your property, an agent shows it to the possible buyers. However, it will be an urgent demand of selling. For houses of more than $1.5 million value, the showing time will be increased. Moreover, time period will be increased with the value of the house.

How to Sell Your House Through 72Sold ?

Firstly, you have to visit the website of 72sold. Then, provide some basic information like your name and phone number. Afterwards, you will have to describe the condition of your home that you want to sell. Also mention when you want it to get listed.

After you are done with this process, the company will call and ask you some more questions related to your house. Furthermore, a walk through for 10-15 minutes will be conducted. You’ll then get a sale price. If you wish to sell your house through the company, accept the offer and then follow what the company instructs you.

72 sold 72 sold reviews

You now know what this company promises right? But through reviews you will get to you whether it fulfils its promises or not. So let us see what kind of experience the customers have had. Here we are mentioning some comments made by 720 sold customers.


  • “The best experience I ever had. The price I received was more than what I expected to get. I would highly recommend this company” – Patrick
  • “Left us in a comfortable position of negotiating because the company offers a lot of options” – Valerie
  • “Couldn’t be more pleased with the service. The house got sold quickly. Definitely 5 stars” – Jacqueline


The average google rating for this company is more than 4.5 stars. However, the rating includes most of the reviews which are made by agents only. Therefore, it makes us difficult to make sure if the service is really worth giving 5 stars.

72 sold 72 sold reviews
72 sold 72 sold reviews


72 sold 72 sold reviews usually are positive and most of the customers have given 5 stars. However, due to half of the reviews are made by agents on google, it is not fair to say that we can completely trust them. Moreover, the company still have some pros and cons associated to it. Sometimes, the promises are fulfilled in the best way. However, sometimes the company fails to do it. Thank you.

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