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Aero Insta – Everything You Needed to Know About It

  • April 9, 2024
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Aero Insta – Everything You Needed to Know About It

Aero Insta is reportedly a heavy-themed app with a dark variant. Moreover, it offers all the missing features of Instagram. 

Especially for users who are demanding a lot. It’s another passionate development of Hazar BOZKURT. 

Here, Hazar BOZKURT is famous for designing Aero apps. Such as WhatsApp Aero Edition. 

The app is also available in 2 mods. And also, capable of running on one device simultaneously. Let’s know about this in detail. 

What is Aero Insta?

It’s a third-party mobile app created to give Instagram users a unique experience. And also, an unforgettable experience. 

The app is not affiliated with Instagram. But it can be further linked to an Instagram account after download. 

Further, it enhances your Instagram user experience by removing unnecessary ads. Also, it hides Instagram stories and improves privacy settings in every ramification. 

Even more, it provides all the functionalities mentioned above at no cost. 

Aero Insta App – Description 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications in the world. It has over 2 million uses around the globe reportedly. 

Although Instagram is constantly updated with more features. But it’s quite impossible to satisfy the needs of every user. 

Therefore, Aero Insta is a third-party mobile app. Along with several improved features to the original Instagram application.

Moreover, users can also experience Instagram as they have never done before.  

This mobile app can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Just like the original Instagram app. 

After downloading the app proceed to have the application installed on your mobile. 

Here, there are two different Packages on this device. Namely package one and package two. 

You are here required to pick either of both packages. However, if you choose package one. 

Then, they will have to uninstall the official Instagram app from their device. Before accessing this device. 

As for package 2, users wouldn’t need to remove the original Instagram app. Users are here expected to select a package that best suits their needs. 

Whichever package is here selected gives users full access to the platform. Because it’s a fully functional and user-friendly application. 

Moreover, it’s very easy to navigate because of its intuitive user interface. 

Users who found the original Instagram App quite challenging to navigate. Then, they would love this platform. 

Aero Insta App – Available Colors

Users are also given the tools to curate the look of their Instagram profile. Before the login process, users are further required to select a color. Moreover, there are 10 colors available:

  • Dark/light
  • Gold
  • Red 
  • Extra dark
  • Blue 
  • Coral pink
  • Green 
  • Light tone
  • Light purple 
  • Pink 

As the time progresses, more color will be then added. So, it can increase the user’s color option. 

Once the user has selected a color. The latest version download link will be then provided. 

After downloading, users can log in with their Instagram login details. So, they can access all the features available on the app. 

Features of Aero Insta 

This app has features that mirror the official Instagram application comparatively. 

However, it added extra features to provide a more well-rounded Instagram experience. Further, these features are below discussed. 

Ads-free Instagram Experience 

Users have often complained about ads on the official Instagram platform. 

Ads are not harmful and are essential for business growth. 

However, it can also interrupt user flow. Later, these interruptions became annoying. Especially when it constantly appears after every user action. 

Also, it reduces the overall user’s experience. That is why, third-party applications like this app are here needed. 

Improved Developer Options 

These features will come in handy for business owners. Especially those who upload pictures of their products on Instagram. 

Along with the improved developer option, you can add stickers to Instagram stories. 

Further, you can also:

  •  increase the quality of uploaded photos and videos. 
  • Change the layout 
  • Change the profile outlet and gallery
  • Increase the number of photos uploaded to direct.
  • Activate the rewind and advance option of videos in the feed. 


On Instagram, users cannot hide story view, typing status, or last seen. 

But with this app, your privacy settings are also upgraded. 

Therefore, you can hide your last seen, story view, and a number of activities. Also, impressions, likes, and comments on your post. 

Moreover, you can find out if the user is following you. Or not by profile visits. 

The most impressive privacy feature is that it restricts Instagram. From collecting data about your account. 

This feature is an upgrade to the App’s latest version. 

Best Features of the Latest Aero Insta 

  • You can download videos and pictures from history. 
  • You can easily hide your story. Also, select the people who you want to view your story. 
  • You can do lots of customization of Instagram. Including the customization of conversation screens and conversation. 
  • Translate comments in your own language. 
  • You can copy comments and bio. 
  • It has the best dark mode. 
  • Lots of options to select the appearances. 
  • Dark green, dark white, gold white and light UI options are also available.
  • Hide typing
  • Hide “seen” status from messages. 
  • You can hide the seen button even after you see the other messages. 
  • Fast forward and rewind videos instantly. 
  • Start and stop the auto-loading of Instagram videos. 

New Update of Aero Insta 

  • Open the account analysis module from your application menu without Aero Insta. 
  • Speed improvements and fixes.
  • Follow requests and a few other options were also added. 


  • Download the Aero Instagram APK Mod file. 
  • Further, copy it to your external SD card or internal storage. 
  • If you are installing the app for the first time. Then, enable unknown sources from the security systems. 
  • Install the APK and open it. 
  • Enjoy the Customization. 
Aero Insta
Aero Insta


Aero Insta is a third-party mobile app created to give users a unique experience. And also, an unforgettable experience.

Further, it enhances your Instagram user experience by removing unnecessary ads. Also, it hides Insta stories and improves privacy settings in every ramification. 


We hope that all the information here may satisfy your curiosity. However, we can’t guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate. 

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