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Carrabba’s Menu

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Carrabba’s Menu

Among all the loved cuisines, Italian & American come at the top, with delicious dishes filled with cheese, herbs veggies and vibrant seasonings. Carrabba Italian Grill is an Italian-American restaurant chain founded in 1986 in Houston, Texas, United States of America by Jhonny Carrabba. The restaurant operates in multiple locations across America and is known for its good food and ambience.

Like every other food outlet and as per the nature of the hospitality industry, Carrabba became popular among food lovers because of the dishes it serves. Along with this, the restaurant walked along with modern technology in order to integrate its restaurant process and marketing procedures.

Inspiration Behind Carrabba?

There is always one push behind every business, For Carrabba, the family background of the founders became the point of inspiration for the company menu. Founders, Johny Carrabba and Damian Mandola belong to Sicily and are inspired by their traditional Italian dishes.

Johny & Damian created the menu including Italian dishes that they witnessed in their childhood and throughout their life in Sicily, which made the Carrabba’s menu more authentic

How Carrabba Grew Over The Years?

Role of Menu

After its foundation in 1986, Carrabba mainly served the core Italian dishes like pizza and pasta for a few years. The growth of Carrabba has gone through several phases where the restaurant went out of the boundaries, experimented with its menu as per the customer base and embraced modernity as a necessity that time demanded.

Inspired by Italian cuisine, the menu of Carrabba’s created a difference, they served homemade and authentic Italian food and focused on the quality. The quality of the food implies the usage of fresh herbs and cheese. Over time, Carraba embraced the dining pattern and menu experimentation.

Along with experimenting with the taste of Italian cuisine, Carrabba’s also maintained consistency in what they started with, Customers keep coming back to Carrabba because of its real Sicilian taste.

Digitalisation: Carrabba

Digitalisation played a vital role in enhancing the dimension of many business entities, with time Carrabba succeeded in shifting to online mode too which further increased their customer base. Along with this, the restaurant also owned innovative marketing strategies and branding methods, which significantly helped the Carrabbas grow their business in various markets.

Expansion: Carrabba

Carrabba Italian Grill restaurant emphasises connecting to the local community and market; for the same, they led several sponsorships and welfare initiatives. And hence the restaurant grew not only in the American market but across the globe.

Online Window

Spread across Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and many other states, it directly implies that the Carrabba’s taste has won millions of hearts. Moreover, the restaurant made this taste more accessible through its online services, Carrabba has an appealing website and based on one’s location, they can order food, avail coupons & offers and get their food delivered to their places.

The visually intriguing website of Carrabba picks the trending theme, in March, the first page of the site chose the Spring season with the tagline ‘Spring Flavour Is In Bloom’. These attempts attract more eyeballs and eventually food lovers.

Location Based Menu

When a customer clicks on the ‘Men’ tab on the site it directly takes them to the map and asks about their current location then shows the menu.

Multiple Menu options

Carrabba’s menu is categorised into various sections such as; the Dinner Menu, Family Bundle Menu, Catering Menu, Happy Hour Menu, Spring Menu, Lunch Menu and Next Wine Dinner.

Dinner Menu

The dinner menu of Carrabba’s includes soups, pasta, salad, appetizers and loads of fancy cocktails. Lasagne, Fettuccine Carrabba, Laboster Ravioli, and Signature Salad are some of the highlighted dishes from the dinner menu. Moreover, an authentic Sicilian touch can be seen in the menu in dishes like Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup.

Family Bundle Menu

The family bundle menu of the Carrabba restaurant is dedicated to the complete family meal. That is why, they are referred to as the bundle which includes one’s choice of salad and bread. Spaghetti topped with one’s choice of  Pomodoro sauce, Bolognese meat sauce or Meatballs, Penne Alfredo which is made from scratch Alfredo sauce tossed with penne pasta, etc.

Happy Hour Menu

Carrabba restaurant also serves the Happy Hour Menu that mainly includes a variety of drinks like cocktails, wines, sangria; Blood orange margaritas, and pomegranate martini, their menu also has a drink with an Italian touch Italian Old Fashioned.

During this happy hour, the restaurant also serves a few snack plates that can spice up one’s happy hour.

Carrabba’s Catering Menu

Apart from serving the customers inside the restaurant and delivering the food to their homes, Carrabba also makes the events delightful by creating a specific catering menu. The website gives full details regarding the same. The catering delivery fee starts at $30, the minimum order should be worth $100 and the packaged delivery order will include serving utensils, plates, silverware and napkins



Along with serving the best traditional Italian-American cuisine, Carrabba has also focused on reaching out to the customers in other ways too. The menu is the perfect blend of Sicilian dishes and local taste. The delicious legacy of Johny Carrabba and Damian Mandola is truly winning millions of hearts and expanding across the boundaries.

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