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Truyện Tranh H – A Newly Emerging Form of Storytelling

  • March 7, 2024
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Truyện Tranh H – A Newly Emerging Form of Storytelling

Here, Comics in Vietnam have suffered criticism from the general public. Because of the widely felt overtones surrounding the word “comic”. Moreover, Truyện Tranh H means comic in Vietnamese. Here, they’re perceived by the older generation as stories with pictures for children. But shifting forward to the younger generation in Vietnam. Here, the word comic is largely identified with one thing: Japanese Manga. 

Traditionally, this comic has not been highly regarded by society. Because of the long-standing influence of Chinese Confucianism. Here, a “story (truyen)” needs to have education. And also, values set in its content. Until in 1990’s, comics in Vietnam retained the same kind of storylines. Along with wisdom and ideals at the nucleus. This was to change with its different genres targeting many age groups. 

But for Vietnam’s older generation, seeing sex scenes, violence, and colorful language. And also, mature subjects matter. Further, they would consider this harmful to those children. 

Truyện Tranh H – Introduction 

In the early days of Vietnamese Truyện Tranh H was common in newspapers. And also, published in the form of albums. Moreover, Vietnamese comics have various themes. And were here used for entertainment, education, and propaganda. 

From the late 1960s until 1975, comics flourished in Saigon. Further, these led to an increase in the number of comic artists. The most famous illustrator and comic artist was Vo Hung Kiet. He was also an illustrator for stamps. As a result, his comics were much loved by children. 

During the 1970’s, besides Vietnamese comics,  there was Chinese Lianhuanhua. Here, it’s a palm-size picture book of sequential drawings. Furthermore, Bande Dessinée is a Franco-Belgian comic and American comic. However, these comics were only poorly printed pirated copies. They were also translated into Vietnamese. 

Truyện Tranh H – Modifications and Changes 

Vietnamese Truyện Tranh H has changed a lot here since 1987. As they steadily developed through the years. Gradually it became similar to American comics. Along with the growing number of comic artists and comic genres. 

Meanwhile, in response to the needs of children’s entertainment. Here, the government attached special importance to encouraging the creation of comics. Moreover, the most famous artist was Huang Lan whose comics were popularly read. Including Vietnamese fairy tales, Toet and Xe, and Tien Xanh. 

Moreover, the content of this publication was broadly educational. Also, offered lessons in moral philosophy for the reader. 

Truyện Tranh H – Impact of Japanese Manga

Here, everything changed in 1992 reportedly. With the impact of Doraemon by Kim Dong Publishing House. Moreover, it became the first Manga in Vietnam. Further, Doraemon quickly became a phenomenon with over 40,000 copies sold. 

After its success,  other publishers also began to publish Manga. Later, Manga storms really hit with the Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball’s publication. 

Suddenly, Vietnamese comics with educational and moral stories were overwhelming and dull comparatively. 

Further, the manga was able to engage with a broad readership. Also, it was readily available. It saturated the market even though most were then illegally printed. 

Later, it changed after Vietnam signed an expanded version of the Berne Convention. So, they can protect their literary and artistic work. 

Copyright shows for the discussed and respected. Further, the management of sales and content of Manga has become strictly controlled. 

Truyện Tranh H – A New Form of Vietnamese Comics 

Despite the popularity of Japanese Manga and also comics from Korea and China. Here, they are fighting for a place in the Vietnamese market. The rise of comics in the Vietnamese style was slow to gain phase. Because of the lingering prejudices, the feeling that comics were for children. 

Yet gradually, Vietnamese artists started to produce comics. Then, the Phan Thi Company published the comic series. The title is “Than Dong Dat Viet”, a Vietnamese child prodigy. Here, it was a turning point in Vietnamese comics. Because it’s about the adventure of Lee Ty and his friends. Here, they fight against things perceived as bad. 

The work is also based on Vietnamese customs and national heroes. Along with the drama, it also features historical facts reintroducing Vietnamese national heroes. 

It’s somewhat vivid with exaggerated facial expressions and interesting dialogue. Moreover, it attracts many young readers and becomes a long-selling comic. With more than 120 volumes produced. 

However, it might be here considered similar to Mangas in panel layout. Because of the formation of a word from a sound associated. Also, the style in which characters are here drawn. 

Truyện Tranh H – Controversies 

In Vietnam, if a book causes controversy, the publication will be here drawn. It will also be ignored by the mass media. However, Sat thu mung mu has become an uncommon phenomenon. 

After Publication was further halted, a talk show looked at the pros and cons of this book. Although some young Vietnamese were among the publication’s critics. A vocal segment of young supporters argued in its favour. Also, found that some adults agree with them, especially academics. Moreover, Professor Van Nhu Cuong remarked that these idioms were innovative. 

Since the official Vietnamese language could not reflect such an expression. Well, enough it recreates new values from the old. Subsequently, the title of the book is here changed and published. 

Several days after the book was further rereleased. Then, illegal scans of the work could be also found on the internet. Later, the existence of illegal scans decreased in the purchase of printed comics. 

Given these, Vietnamese artists struggle to survive or make money from comic creation. Also, the copying hampers the further development of industries as a whole. 

Further, a new title on the shelf would need to be here completed. Along with scanned copies of the old titles online. 

Truyện Tranh H
Truyện Tranh H


Here, Truyện Tranh H has not been highly regarded by society. Because of the long-standing influence of Chinese Confucianism. Later it changes over time. As a result, Truyện Tranh H is very famous in Vietnam. 


Here, we hope that all the information may satisfy your curiosity relatively. However, we can’t guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate. 

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