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Lokmat Epaper Pune: Read News On Your Mobile

  • July 2, 2024
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Lokmat Epaper Pune: Read News On Your Mobile


Lokmat Epaper Pune is a leading Marathi daily newspaper, one of the widely read Marathi language newspapers. Further, Lokmat has a rich legacy of providing widespread news coverage since its beginning. This newspaper has made a significant impact with its paper edition. It caters to the digital needs of digital-oriented readers in Pune and outside. They offer an in-depth coverage of news and events relevant to the region which makes sure that readers stay up to date for the latest happening in the region, country, and internationally. This newspaper is prominent among readers due to its localised content, accessibility and user-friendly interface. It indeed demonstrates a significant step forward in the advancement of Marathi journalism. By using digital technology, it has expanded its reach and accessibility for users in a convenient manner.  

What do you need to know about the History of Lokmat newspaper?

Lokmat is a Marathi-language newspaper distributed in Maharashtra, India. this newspaper was founded back in 1971 by Jawaharlal Darda, 52 years ago. Over the decades, this newspaper has grown a lot and become one of the largest circulated newspapers in India. they have earned the trust of millions of readers over the years.  it is headquartered in Lokmat Media Ltd, 1301/2, Lodha Supremus, Dr E. Moses Rd, Worli Circle, Mumbai – 400 018, India. it is one of the leading local newspapers in India. They also deliver e-paper format and are printed in Hindi and English. Lokmat Samachar for Hindi and Lokmat Times for English.

Basic information

Kind of Newspaper- Daily

Founder- Jawaharlal Darda

Founded- 15 December 1971

Language- Marathi, Hindi, and English

The flow of newspaper- More than 700,000 readers’ daily

Format- Broadsheet

Publisher- Lokmat Media Limited

Employee strength- More than 3000 pan India

Head office- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Country of origin- India

Website- https://epaper.loksatta.com/   

Features of Lokmat Epaper Pune

Local touch in content

The Pune edition of Lokmat ePaper provides thorough reporting of news and events mainly to Pune and its neighbouring regions. It contains local politics, civic issues, sports, cultural events and many more activities. The local touch in content makes sure that residents of Pune stay informed about the happenings in the city.

Widespread news coverage

Away from local news, they provide wide-ranging analysis of national and international news. Readers certainly can access a variety of sections such as politics, technology, entertainment, sports, and further. This wide spectrum of topics makes sure that readers have access to all the information under one roof.

Daily updates

The ePaper is updated daily that make sure that readers have fresh news and updates. In the fast-paced world, real-time access to news is crucial. Staying informed about current happenings and events is essential. The daily refresh of content keeps the ePaper appropriate and well-timed.


This newspaper is accessible from all devices with a stable internet connection. With this flexibility, it allows readers to stay connected with the news on the go.

User-friendly design

With a user-friendly design, readers can easily navigate and browse through different sections and editions. The paper format has the same layout as the print edition, providing a similar experience for readers.

What kinds of other topics does Lokmat Epaper Pune cover?

Well, despite general news analysis, they also take in several added topics that cater to different interests and demographics such as health, technology, culture, and lifestyle. Regarding these topics, they deliver in-depth articles and features far away from daily news.

  • Lokmat covers a “Lokrang” a cultural event.
  • They feature “LS Sakshi,” aiming at women readers who cover topics such as fashion, health, and family.
  • The newspaper focuses even on the entertainment industry such as movie reviews, updates on television shows, and celebrity interviews.

How does Lokmat Epaper Pune add an element of convenience among readers?

The transformation from print to digital has had a momentous impression on its readership. Each and every single business is on the Internet to provide their service, that’s what this newspaper agency does. Here are some of the key benefits for readers that are provided below;

  • The ePaper can be accessed from anywhere and at any time which makes it convenient for readers with their busy schedules. Readers can read news of this agency from the comfort of their home while travelling or in many other scenarios. It helps readers to stay updated with the latest news.
  • By opting for Epaper, readers can contribute to an eco-friendly environment by decreasing the consumption of paper.
  • The ePaper is more cost-effective as compared to the print edition. It provides a budget-friendly option for readers without suffering high subscription costs.
Lokmat Epaper Pune
Lokmat Epaper Pune


Lokmat published a cartoon alongside the article “ISIS cha Paisa” in 2015. It was concerning the funding outline of terrorist groups which led to violent objections from Muslim groups. Further, they attacked the newspaper’s workplaces in Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar, Malegaon and other places across Maharashtra. These protestors considered the cartoon to be offensive to their community. Many complaints were filed on the topic of the cartoon with the police and an FIR was boarded against the owner, editor, and cartoonist. After that, the newspaper released an apology statement.

Final words

Lokmat Epaper Pune emerges as a vigorous digital newspaper that offers widespread news coverage with daily updates. With its UI design, readers can easily access and read the news without any hassle and constraints. This newspaper primarily serves as a valuable resource for Marathi-speaking readers. This is the end of this blog. Toddles!

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