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information Reviews – Is It A Legit Site or Scam?

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Here, if you are looking to buy or sell items online. In that case, ensure you’re doing business reliably. Also, a secure website is essential. Reviews is reportedly one such website.  

Here, it offers customers the ability to buy and sell products. In this article, let’s see if this website is legit or a scam. Reviews – Overview 

OnBuy is a marketplace that provides buyers and sellers. Along with innovative and low-cost solutions. 

It’s based in the UK and provides shoppers with a wide range of products. Including:

  • Clothing 
  • Health and beauty
  • Jewelry
  • Homeware
  • Garden tools
  • Pet products
  • Books
  • Instruments
  • Movies 
  • Games 
  • Music 
  • Car Accessories
  • Gadget 
  • Toy 
  • Sports gear

OnBuy also provides buyers access to professional sellers offering their products for sale. 

The site’s focus is on low fees for sellers. So, sellers can save more money on each sale. 

Moreover, it offers several other features. Such as reviews and ratings for each product.

Along with secure payment method and customer service support

Services of Reviews 

OnBuy is an excellent platform for everyone looking to buy or sell products. 

For buyers, it offers competitive prices and a convenient payment system. Along with the customer service team to handle any problems. 

Sellers can list products. Also, use the vast pool of potential buyers browsing the site. 

Here, the marketplace also provides helpful tools such as reviews. So, it can help inform buyers and sellers alike. 

Moreover, it has a reliable return policy. As it allows buyers to get their money back. If they are unsatisfied with their purchase relatively. 

Additionally, sellers also have the option of using OnBuy’s delivery service. Since it makes the process much more efficient. 

Overall, Reviews is reportedly a great place to shop. Especially for buying and selling. 

Is Reviews Legit? 

Yes, OnBuy is a legitimate website and marketplace. Because here you can buy and sell products seamlessly. 

OnBuy is here a certified PayPal partner. Since all purchases made through it are always subjected to the same security. 

Also, a dispute resolution process like PayPal. 

Moreover, it’s a Society for Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) member.

Therefore, it required them to comply with ethical customer service standards. 

Further, it ensures that buyers can confidently shop, knowing their purchase is secure. 

The Reviews also emphasize the platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Along with a high rating for responsiveness and problem-solving capabilities. 

What You Need to Know to Sell on OnBuy 

Moreover, OnBuy has been here designed to help maximize retailer success. The site has a user-friendly interface. 

Especially for those who are selling online for the first time. Also, those who have previous experience with other markets. 

Along with the support from a dedicated UK-based team. Here, OnBuy focuses its effort on growing your sales. 

Moreover, to start your registration and create an account, here you’ll need:

  • Products to sell
  • GTINs for your products (unless they’re not typically barcoded)
  • 50 reviews from genuine public sources
  • A UK Bank account, WorldFirst or Payoneer account
  • Business registration information
  • UK VAT registration Reviews Sellers Requirements 

Sale Record 

Sellers need an established online sales presence. Along with your company name matching that on the website. Also, at least 50 positive reviews from the past year on public platforms. 


A product listed must have GSTINs (EAN/UPC/ISBN). Unless they are precisely exempt like jewelry, car parts, or private label goods. Along with the seller UK registered trademark.

Payment Options 

Sellers must have a UK Bank account. Or a Payoneer, or a WorldFirst account. 

Business Registration

First, you need to register your business and provide the necessary documents. So, UK sole traders can provide proof of registration with HRMC for Self-assessment. 

UK VAT Registration

Here, if your business is in the UK or outside the UK. Then, you must provide your registration number. 

Return Address 

Provide a UK return address or cover overseas return costs. Moreover, a 30-day full refund policy is here required as a standard. Along with up to 180 days of return for quality goods. 

Product Compliance 

Product lists should not violate the prohibited product policy. Or infringe upon intellectual property rights reportedly. Reviews – Pros and Cons 


Easy to Use Interface

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for buyers and sellers. As they can quickly find what they are looking for. 

Wide Selection of Products

This website has many products including electronics, home goods, apparel, health, and beauty. Also, automotive parts and more. 

Secure Payment

Here, they use SSL encryption to protect customers’ sensitive information. Also provide multiple payment options including PayPal, Credit/ Debit Card, and Apple Pay. Also, Google Pay and bank transfers. 

Low Fees

This website reportedly charges lower fees than most online marketplaces. It’s also an option for sellers who want to keep their costs down. 

Full Customer Service

This website’s customer service is prompt, friendly, and helpful. Moreover, they are always available to answer questions and help with any issues. 


Not as many buyers

This website is still relatively new. Therefore, they don’t have many buyers comparatively. 

Lack of international shipping

Here, the website is currently shipping within the United Kingdom. As a result, international customers may have difficulties purchasing items on this platform.

Limited product categories

This website only offers products in selected categories. So, if you are looking for something more specific. Then, you may have difficulty finding it. 

No buyer protections

There is no protection offered by this website. So, they will not be then covered. If an item is unfortunately lost in transit. Reviews Reviews

Conclusion Reviews is reportedly a convenient online marketplace. Here, it makes buying and selling products easy. 

Moreover, it provides a wide range of services. Along with an extensive selection of products. 

Further, its secure payment systems ensure buyers’ safety. Although Review is a legitimate site. However, it’s vital to ensure that you deal with genuine sellers. When making purchases on the platform. 


We hope that here all the information may satisfy your curiosity. However, we can’t guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate. 

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