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Shopsy App: Complete & Elaborate Guide

  • June 26, 2024
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Shopsy App: Complete & Elaborate Guide


SHOPSY APP: The world of shopping has evolved and changed drastically since the time of technological advancement. Evidently, shopping has been made very simple and easy with the advent of E commerce platforms such as Amazon. Shopsy is one of the e commerce platforms that exist out there. Indeed, it has not been a very long time since it has existed. However, Shopsy has still managed to taste a lot of success in very less time. The reason behind this might be Shopsy’s association with an e commerce giant like Flipkart. Besides, this refers to how this platform has been established and published by Flipkart. You will get to know more about Shopsy ahead in the blog.

What is Shopsy App?

Shopsy App refers to the application version of Shopsy which works on both Ios as well as android devices. Basically, Shopsy can be described as a reselling platform established by Flipkart. Evidently, this reselling platform is known to allow other sellers to conveniently conduct their business by selling their products online across different corners of India. Any seller that is a citizen of India can easily enlist/register themselves on the application of Shopsy. By doing so, individual sellers have the potential of reaching more around 200 to 500 million customers on a regular basis. Besides, many of these customers are known to be budget friendly.

More about the Shopsy App

Evidently, Shopsy has successfully managed to build a reliable and trusted network for distribution. Additionally, this network exists between sellers as well as resellers. Basically, it can be explained as sellers on Shopsy selling to customers. However, these customers are not familiar with the whole process of e commerce/e shopping. They sell to these customers through the resellers. Indeed, these resellers are those people who are in the known of the customers.

How does the Shopsy App work?

  • Firstly, you need to sign up. To do so you should be using your valid mobile phone number along with an email id. These details are important for the whole signup process. At the same time, you also need to provide them with you pin code.
  • Thereafter, filling in your business details is also very crucial to the whole process. Besides, this includes your valid GSTIN details.
  • After you are done with the first two steps you are required to attend to the bank verification process. To complete bank verification, you need to provide your sample signatures. At the same time, Shopsy will also need a copy of one of your cancelled cheques. It is necessary that the cancelled cheque has the name of your company printed on it.
  • And, to complete the whole process you are simply required to list the first of your product. It is needed to get you on your onboard. Hence, when you are done with the rest of the process you should at least one product at the same time.

What are the benefits of being a seller or a reseller on the Shopsy App platform?

  • One of the biggest advantages would be that you do not need to pay any time of commission. Specifically, there is 0 percent commission on all the existing exclusive verticals.
  • On the other hand, the 0 percent commission is also applicable to the Flipkart verticals which are specifically in the price range between INR 151 and 600.
  • There is no paperwork required to engage in business with Shopsy.
  • Also, no trademark registration is demanded.
  • You do not need to conduct any kind of professional photoshoots. Basically, the reason behind this is that the sellers are allowed to simply click all the photographs from their mobile phones. Thereafter, they can simply upload them. Indeed, this process is very resourceful and competent.

Shopsy App: Convincing you to become one of the sellers or resellers

One of the major reasons would be that Shopsy is very reliable. Evidently, in the world of e commerce this platform is known to be considered as a trusted network. The network that Shopsy provides certainly provides a variety of opportunities to the sellers. Consequently, they would be able to grow their respective businesses. As has been noted, if you decide to take advantage of their services you will have a very wide reach to the customers. Hence, you will be able to target your audience in a much better way. Evidently, your products/items have potential of reaching around 500 million customers from different corners of the world. however, a major chunk of their customers demographic belongs to India. at the same time, Shopsy will give you access to a very efficient dashboard and logistics network.

Logistics are indeed an integral part of every business. While using Shopsy you will get an already establish network of logistics. Lastly, you can also take advantage of insights and analytical data. Overall, you should be convinced because you will be able to grow your business.

Shopsy app
Shopsy app


Indeed, you can use the services of Shopify app if you are a business owner. You can conveniently sell your goods and products online through e commerce and logistics system provided by Shopsy. Surely, you will not be disappointed in the quality of their services. You should definitely consider signing up as a seller or a reseller.


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