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Black Hole Music App: Enjoy music without ads for free

  • June 25, 2024
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Black Hole Music App: Enjoy music without ads for free


Black Hole Music App: Currently, in the world of music there are a variety of music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music and Amazon music. However, there is the concept of paying for subscription plans in order to enjoy music without any interruptions and get exclusive features. But the problem here is that not everyone can afford to buy such expensive subscription plans. For the same reason many of you might be looking for a reliable music streaming platform that gives you the full experience without any hassle or costing you money.

You can take advantage of Black Hole Music App to fulfil all of your music listening needs. There are a bunch of benefits to shifting from your conventional streaming platform such as Spotify to Black Hole application. Basically, it is a new emerging platform in the world of music streaming. And, in its initial stage only it has managed to earn a lot of hype among the music enthusiasts. There are a variety of features of this platform that will attract you towards this application such as an advertisement free listening experience along with the best available audio quality.

What is Black Hole Music App?

  • It is pretty evident that there are so many music streaming platforms that exist out there. And, all these platforms are known to chase the attention of music listeners. Amidst all of them Black Hole is known to have need a solid foundation for itself. For the variety of features offered hair it is known to provide distinct experience which comes without the interruptions of advertisements. This music player and streaming platform is full of innovation.
  • The way that you listen to music will forever get changed once you incorporate the use of this music platform in your daily life. You don’t have to get interrupted with different advertisements without paying anything for it. This is because there are no subscription plans in this platform. Moreover, the quality of audio is unmatched in comparison to the competition.
  • As you may know, most of the streaming platforms irritative with advertisements in between the songs unless you have given them some money in form of subscription. The biggest unique selling point of this application or platform is known to be absence of advertisements. You will get to know more about its features ahead in the blog.

Overview of the Black Hole Music App

  • Name of the application- Black Hole
  • Category- Audio and Music
  • Release date- 29th Feb 2024
  • Advertisements- No
  • Languages available- English and 35 more
  • Content rating- I (All ages)
  • Operating system (OS) required- Android
  • Minimum operating system requirements- Android 5.0
  • Latest version- 1st April 2024 updated version
  • Total size of the package- 12.1 megabytes
  • Licence type- free
  • Developer’s name- Sangwan5688
  • Name of the package- com.shadow.blackhole

Features of the Black Hole Music App

  • You can find all kinds of songs to listen to. This includes local as well as Global top Spotify songs. Therefore, you want to face any shoes in the process of discovering new hot tracks in all regions. Site from that you will be able to access top songs from other streaming platforms such as Spotify. This is a plus point.
  • All the trending songs will be provided to you in one place. For the same reason you won’t be able to miss out on any entertaining hit tracks.
  • There is a very efficient song recommending system featured in this application. This application is known to use data regarding your listening habits and preferences to suggest you suitable personalized songs.
  • On the other hand, YouTube playlists that have been handbag specifically by you can let you explore the music scene of YouTube through this platform only. And, your overall experience will be truly flawless.
  • The process for importing play this from Spotify and YouTube that already exist quite simple and easy. Therefore, you won’t be facing any issues in changing your default music streaming application. This is because your existing music library will also be there in the application of Black Hole Music.
  • You can even download the songs you want to listen to while you’re offline. To be specific, you can download such songs in 320kbps quality with ID3 tags.
  • If you feel like listening to the song and also singing along with it, you can find the lyrics feature in this application that will provide you all the lyrics line to line.

More important features of Black Hole Music App

  • Evidently, you can conveniently backup as well as restore your music collection in the situation of switching your device.
  • This application is known to check for updates by itself automatically. And, while it is in the background you will get all the updates and then you just need to enjoy the latest features as well as improvements.
  • This application is known to provide a seamless experience of music playback combined with cache support. For the same reason, you can reduce the buffer to uplift your music listening experience.
  • As has been noted, subscription plans are in place so the people who cannot afford expensive streaming platforms can enjoy this.
  • At the same time, you can also enjoy the absence of advertisements which leads to an interrupted experience of enjoying music.
  • You can even customise the whole vibe and look of your application. For example, you can use dark mode or customise a variety of accent colours.
  • This platform is known to offer support for more than 15 languages of music. For the same reason, you can have a global experience of music by discovering sounds from different corners of the world.
  • High streaming quality of 320 KB per second AAC is used to provide you the best.
  • In addition, there is also an equalizer inbuilt within the application.
Black Hole Music App
Black Hole Music App

How to import your playlists into the Black Hole Music App?

  • Firstly, you need to navigate to and click on the three horizontal dots placed at the top left corner of the app’s interface.
  • Thereafter, simply go to the option “Select Playlist” and click on it.
  • Then, you will easily find the “Import Playlist” option.
  • After you are done clicking on it you will get redirected.
  • Now, you can successfully choose the previous streaming app you want to import your playlists from.
  • Lastly, after choosing from the options of different playlists the process of importing will be completed.


Indeed, if you have gotten frustrated of all the streaming platforms then switching to this might be a good idea for you. Also, if you can’t afford to pay for the expensive subscription plans or just do not want to spend money there, then also Black Hole is highly recommended to you. Surely, once you switch to it you will get to experience all its benefits firsthand.

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