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Old Navy Hours & Much More About the Company

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Old Navy Hours & Much More About the Company

Introduction: An overview of Old Navy

Old Navy Hours: indeed, there are many retail companies existing out there however none of them even comes close to the efficiency of Old Navy. Basically, it can be described as an American retailing company which has an expertise in products related to clothing and accessories. Evidently, it is owned by the multinational corporation named Gap Incorporation. This company is known to have most of its corporate operations located in the Mission Bay neighbourhood of San Francisco, California. The flagship stores of Old Navy are located in New York city, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Manila as well as Mexico City are all known to be the largest of stores owned by Old Navy. If you are looking to find more about this old Navy company and about its working hours then you’re going to find both ahead in this blog.

Old Navy Hours: All you need to know about the company

  • The company type of old Navy can be described as a division.
  • This company is known to operate in the specific industry of retail.
  • To be more specific, their stores consist of clothing terms and other accessories.
  • Evidently, old Navy is known to have been found on 11th March 1994. Therefore, it has been more than 30 years since its establishment.
  • The headquarters of the Old Navy are known to be in San Francisco of California.
  • According to the most recent data, the old Navy company is known to own a total of 1142 locations.
  • One of the most key people in this company is known to be Horacio Barbeito. Currently, Horacio is serving as the Global president as well as CEO of Old Navy.
  • The main products of this brand or company are certainly clothing.
  • According to data from back in the year 2019, this company and brand cross the four billion US dollars revenue milestone.
  • From back in the year 1993 till now the parent company of the old Navy is Gap Incorporation.
  • The official URL of this brand is “oldnavy.gap.com”.

Information about “Old Navy Hours” is provided down below

Surely, if you are genuinely interested in shopping from one of the stores of Old Navy you must be thinking about its working hours. The reason behind this can be anything ranging from trying to avoid any hassle or just that you’re an information freak. The old Navy Hours specified down below for your reference:

  • From Monday to Friday their working hours are from 10 o’clock in the morning and they close the store at 10:00 p.m. in the evening.
  • Evidently, their working hours on Saturday are different from other weekdays. To be specific, on a Saturday the stores open at 9:30 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m. in the evening just like usual.
  • However, on a Sunday any old Navy Store will open at 10:30 a.m. in the morning and close as early as 7:00 p.m. in the evening.

The history of “Old Navy” company in detail (old Navy hours)

  • Initially, this company was founded in the year 1994 by Gap Inc. the aim behind this establishment was to make it serve as a cheap alternative of the main brand owned by Gap. Initially the stores of old Navy opened in Colma, Pittsburgh and San Leandro located in California.
  • Evidently, the name of this brand that is old Navy is known to have been inspired by one of the bars in Paris that Mickey Drexler noticed during one of the business trips. Making used to be the CEO of GAP Incorporation at the time. In the late 1990 the brand saw rapid growth. This was a result of a combined strategy including trendy and affordable clothing styles along with the good shopping environment.
  • Therefore, they look after their customers and their shopping experience with as much effort they could possibly put in. Tu achieve all this they gave a lot of attention to the decor of the stores. Colourful layouts were used to provide a more industrial look to their decor.

More about their history and achievements

In the year 1997 this brand managed to cross the 1 billion US dollars in sales milestone. This setter record because old Navy was the first ever retailer to achieve this milestone under 4 years of ongoing operation. They after as the new century began this company focus on expanding in the early 2000s. And they did expand very aggressively. Their store count grew parallel to their geographic relevance. At the same time the started to include more and more accessories along with plus sized options in their clothing products.

Old Navy Hours
Old Navy Hours

Old Navy Hours: A major downfall and the commendable comeback

  • Thereafter, in the year 2005 the brand had to face some struggles. This was because old Navy tried to re brand itself. And, they tried to do so bhai providing higher and fashion items along with redesigning all their stores. Evidently, they were trying to target the audience that wants premium upscale products. Consequently, this decision proved to be wrong for their business. Reason behind this is that the customer base did not react well to it which led to a major decline in their overall sales.
  • Thereafter, this company started to grow back up from the year 2012. Years like 2015 and 2019 were there most successful in all time. And, since 2020 this brand is constantly growing in the world of retail. Meanwhile, as of now their primary concerns are to provide more size options along with sustainability and good shopping experience.


Indeed, if you are interested in buying some clothes along with some selective accessories. Then, visiting one of the Old Navy stores might be a good idea for you. There is high probability that you won’t get disappointed with the quality of their products or the shopping experience. The reason behind this is that this brand has been in the game for a long time. And, since then has managed to master a lot of stuff related to business.

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